Many people will tell you that there are three, and only three real certainties in life; birth, change, and death. The belief that these are the only surefire aspects in our reality validates the existence of another, uncertainty itself. Wouldn’t the notion of eventual alteration being set in stone disprove the very message it preaches? It’s like the saying “trust me, do not trust anybody.” If the very nature of change is to take a different form how are we sure that it will continue to take different forms?

Humans have so very little influence on their actual circumstances. Some estimate the amount of control a person actually has as 30% at most. The actual percentage is usually much less than that. 

Like all things that are limited, many wish to gain more of it. The problem is when you obsess over an intangible resource, it can bring you to the point of insanity. Attempting to micromanage one’s life can turn into both an addiction and a curse. Sometimes, it completely hides under the guise of assurance of future circumstances. When in reality, all it’s doing is prolonging the anguish one is already experiencing. Trying to control every single outcome of life is futile. The only thing that will come out of doing so is a realization of the amount of time wasted on a pointless pursuit. There is nothing to gain, only exhaustion.