Ridiculous! This is the first word that I can think of when I heard about the new regulation of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) regarding the banning of 4x4 mods, or any mods in general. A recent post by James Deakin, a famous car enthusiast, stated that changing the rim size of your car, or even any other vehicle, is 100% illegal! And what’s their reason behind? “Basta it’s unsafe”.  They are requiring proof that driving with a different rim size is safe.

James Deakin’s Facebook Post (https://web.facebook.com/james.deakin/videos/277440119551879/)

Netizens, especially car enthusiasts or car tuners (including me), are enraged by this statement from the LTO. It is trending now on social media and more and more SUV/4x4 owners are complaining about them being targeted just because they are “modded”. The Philippine FJ Cruisers Club Inc posted an open letter to the LTO asking for a discussion on the said matter.

(read more at: https://web.facebook.com/notes/philippine-fj-cruisers-club-inc/an-open-letter-to-lto/1567475793396045/)

These are the car owners that want to IMPROVE and UPGRADE their rides. As car modders, what the community wants is their ride to be the best in terms of performance and tuning.  What’s the most important thing when modding? Safety! Who’ll drive the car? Us owners of course. Do you think we want our rides to be unsafe on the road? Why would we spend a lot if we just want to attract accidents?

Here are some of the clamors of concerned netizens:


(see more at: https://web.facebook.com/marc.martinez.1481/posts/1965295946898134)

Hey LTO, you might wanna take a look at these vehicles just as you look at us:

A smooth tire, wonder how’s the grip? Photo by interaksyon

Another result of unchecked tires and over-loading in trucks..

Maybe if we want safety for all, you should take a look at ALL vehicles, not just us modders. However, we are still awaiting for LTOs statement for this.


UPDATE (10/17/2018): According to a post by Robby Consunji, MMDA was advised to NOT apprehend 4x4 modified MVs. But where’s LTO? #NakakaLTO , It seems MMDA and LTO are not in sync with this issue..