Emotions are fickle creatures. Those little bastards tell you to do something and they make you feel a different way. Motives and opinions can change at a drop of a hat. At the same, conclusions based on false pretenses or information are often deeply rooted in an individual’s psyche. Sometimes, they just make you feel bad for absolutely no reason. 

What isn’t fickle is loyalty. By definition, it’s the unwavering allegiance a person can have towards a nation, cause, philosophy, country, group, or person. 

An abstract idea it may be, but the actions that come out of belief are tremendously real. Soldiers have died; nations have been put to siege; lives have been sacrificed all for the sake of the word of their leader.

The key to all of this power is none other than trust. 

Would you trade your life in to better the cause of an unreliable and abusive king? Would you fight for a nation that’s repeatedly oppressed its people? Would you stay in a relationship with a jobless unfaithful bum? Would you continue donating money to an organization that launders your money? 

Loyalty is trust, and trust is loyalty. A following is created through years of dedication to assuring them that their allegiance will benefit them in the long run. It’s a kingdom built on goodwill and resilience to temptation.