The ideal human, perfect in every way. Strength as prominent as their intellect. They’re confident in their philosophy while still being open to new ideas untainted by blind cynicism. Clear is the dream they live for; hopeful but not naive. Their presence alone commands respect without fear. The first to take charge when qualified, but acknowledges their shortcomings and improves upon them. Well-liked is their personality while uncompromising in stature. 

Beings such as these are rare to non-existent.

The brain is separated into two: One focusing on the abstract and academic, another on athletics and motor skills. 

Usually, genetics skews towards one side or the other which makes it all the more difficult to find someone that’s brilliant both mentally and physically. We are predisposed from birth to a selection of fields in which our talents can be utilized to their fullest. 

A man born close to 7 feet tall with incredible throwing accuracy is basically being called by destiny to be a great basketball player. Someone who can recreate one of Mozart’s pieces by ear would be well-suited in the music industry. People that draw, paint, and sketch like their lives depended on it probably have a future in creative fields. 

What I’m trying to say is, there are just people that are meant to do some things better than others. 

Stephen Hawking was confined to a wheelchair. His body was weak. A first-grader could’ve unintentionally killed him with a leaf if they tried hard enough. 

But while he was trapped in a cage of his own body, his mind was more than free, it was ruling the world. He paved the way for science to grow thus accelerating the growth of humanity as we know it. Space travel, medical advancements, and economic improvements would have years away if it wasn’t for his contributions. 

Nature prefers us to do what we can do best. It’s not that bodybuilders can’t be leaders and scientists can’t be soldiers. There are been countless cases that prove otherwise. It’s just that the easiest way for a coherent model to work effectively is with the parts most effective for their purpose. 

The wise may not have the most power but it is them that know how to use it most effectively; strength isn’t stupidity if exorcised in the way it’s designed to be. The strong become stronger when someone smarter is at the helm.