Human beings are quick to assess and even quicker to assume. It’s a habit that we retain from the genes of our forefathers in the harsh past. Time spent in philosophy was wasted time. Finding deeper meaning had little merit. The condition of our physical security was prioritized while the metaphysical was nowhere to be seen. 

The lives of Confucius, Aristotle, Karl Marx, Socrates, and all of the other great minds in history can attest to the fact that it isn’t true anymore. Our main objective switched from avoiding danger to seeking what caused it. We can sympathize with the feeling of hunger and fear of death of the killers from our past. Instead of only trying to minimize the damage of typhoons, we look for ways to prevent them. It’s hard for us to do so at times, but we desire to look beyond the face value of life. Simply being alive is not enough. 

That want, that yearning, that craving to comprehend the incomprehensive is the utmost form of respect out there. The most limited resource, time, gets drained little by little for the treasure of truth. If understanding isn’t the best interpretation of honor, then there must be none.