Origins: That in which something has its beginning; source; root; cause. The point at which something comes into existence or from which it derives or is derived. A coming into existence or use; beginning. The start, center, or beginning of something or the place where a person comes from. The beginning of something; the beginning of everything.

Precise definitions or lengthy monologues of the definition of an “origin” ends at the same point; the start.

We, humans, are the same. We’re a species that’s survived for millions of years building on the foundation of what the past left behind. We evolve, but gradually. Familiarity is the name of the game when it comes to our behavior. We gravitate towards what we know best whether we’re conscious of it or not. Studies even show that people are romantically inclined to others that share similar personalities with their parents. 

Whatever destination or goal awaits us is irrefutably connected to our origins. 

It’s basically a proven fact.

Though all people experience it to varying degrees, the theory is more or less proven in creative or athletic types.

A large portion of the greatest ever musical or sport-related icons started their craft at a very young age. In that time, they developed their skills which led them to the destination they headed and eventually reached. Also, they were almost surely in an environment that was conducive to their passion. It’s pretty common to hear from big-hit singers that they were surrounded by music at a young age. When that’s not the case, the field that they chose is probably an escape from the troubles that they’re facing. 

The laws of cause and effect apply to all on an infinite timeline. Input an action and a reaction will occur. But do nothing and something will still happen. Everything that was done today and will be done tomorrow is the consequence of yesterday. Where we will be is the reflection of today.