Hear ye! Hear ye! Step right up folks! Welcome to the Earth museum! 

What we have here today can’t be found anywhere else in the galaxy. You can find all sorts of rare oddities and attractions the likes you have never seen before. Our humans come in all sorts of shapes in sizes. Any characteristic, disfiguration, or eccentricity you’re looking for, we have it! 

Plenty of our clients have been satisfied for millions of millennia! Different clients want different features; some look for an intellectual conversation while others just look for a basic slave. But undoubtedly, our bestseller has always been the double idiot package for only 9.99.

They say morons come in pairs. Who are they and why did they say that, no one really cares. 

Regardless, stupidity will always prevail in the human race. There will be those that rise above their station in and outshine the most brainless of sea sponges. Considering that sea sponges don’t have brains, it’s astonishing yet it often is the case. Truly, levels of idiocy that are high enough to rival the nuclear radiation of Chernobyl can be found anywhere and everywhere. They are unquestionably foolish.

By some unholy “miracle,” dolts, dunces, and dimwits occasionally become leaders either by dumb luck or unheard of persuasiveness. In a way, that’s probably the most intellectual they’ll ever be. You’d have to be even lower than a clod to ruin a good hand life deals you. 

Then, that would make their subservient servant lesser than the stupefaction simpleton they serve. 

Perhaps that may be the case. But perhaps it may not be as well. 

People that vote for imbeciles may be ignorant, but not in the bigoted sense. Times come where we look for hope no matter where it comes from. We want to believe that the logically impossible can become possible. You can call it being blindly naive or it can be the pure desire for a future we can be proud of. 

A muttonheaded master and his lamebrain lackey are fools in their own ways. Who the more intelligent of the two begets an answer. For our sake or for theirs, it’s a resolution we will never find.